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Weekend Food Prep to help get through the week & Quick and Easy Meals for THOSE nights during the week when prep can't save you.


Transitioning to a Vegan Kitchen

Over a year and a half now I posted a blog about organizing the fridge in a way to make sure you don’t lose track of fresh food or leftovers and at the same time be able to take a read on inventory to help with grocery shopping. While most of the principles remain the same some things have obviously changed now that we’ve shifted to a plant based diet.

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Toddler-friendly beaches for the ankle wader or sand eater, hikes for the mini trail runner or carrier napper and our other favorite places.


Family Friendly Summer on Oahu

Surely Hawaiian sun, sand and palm trees don't change much through the seasons but there's events and activities that only happen in the summer and we don't want to miss them...



Mini aloha shirts in the closet, guava jelly in the fridge, plumeria flowers falling onto the lawn. Life in paradise. Made in Hawaii.


Turning 40 this year and being dramatic about it...

I’m turning 40 this year and I suppose you could say I’m taking stock. Slowing down for a moment to revisit some old dreams - to bathe in that scent of youthful immortality. I’m in a headspace of looking back yet moving forward. Perhaps to take a tally. Perhaps to settle the score. Perhaps to get my bearings. Perhaps to repurpose some of the most precious stones that led me here to form a path of my choosing. My choosing. That must be it.



Every year millions of families visit the islands and every now and then we like to join them. And since there's no better critic than two travelling toddlers, we've come to know which hotels and campsites please the littlest guests where we stay.


Happy Keiki Campers

Life in general makes more sense to me when I'm outside and at no time has this been more true than when I became a mother.

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