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A Busy Mom's Guide to Building a Team

A Busy Mom's Guide to Building a Team

On the average day the typical morning routine is wake up, use the bathroom, get changed, have/grab breakfast and we're out the door.
Later in the day we walk through the door, settle in, eat dinner, take a bath, have playtime then story time and hit the hay.
Repeat 5x.

Most of our days are simple, uncomplicated and aside from the occasional cluster the machine runs pretty smoothly. Part of it has to do with sharing a common vision of the home front with the hubs and part of it is having a clear picture of how all the pieces of our lives can work in harmony. So much of parenting is experimental trial and error but mixed with some conviction and you stand to have a pretty solid theory. Mine consists of three things.

Rhythm and routines. Maintaining momentum. Every parenting guide book reminds us that adhering to routines lends itself to a more calm and centered child - anytime there's a repeated sequence of events there's less anxiety, especially where there's predictability. And who really wants to have to figure it out every single day anyway.

Space and Place. Our Home. We're traveled enough to know proper guest etiquette in others' home. We don't touch anything that isn't ours; avoid imposing our preferences; and are hyper-conscientious of how our host manages their home. This is exactly the opposite of how I want my kids to move around these walls. I love our home and every intimate detail, from the paint on the walls to the books on the shelf, is a reflection of us. And that means where there is art, there is a mini artist or interior decorator.

The why in DIY. There's a few scenes in the DreamWorks movie Boss Baby where the baby slaps the mom's hand away every time she tries to assist with holding the baby's bottle. One part amused because that was both of my kids = one part amused because that's me in a nutshell. If I'm guilty of projecting anything on my kids it's fierce independence. There's no exaggerating a child's ability to learn and grow at this very early age so I've made it a point to create a home setting where my boys can test their limits by minimizing limits.

Each home is unique with its own way of doing things but what's common above all things is that we are all trying and that's probably the most valued thing we share. It's parenting and it's a journey and since family is the source of all love that exists we are paving a well intended precious path.

I'm always open to any and every perspective so please do share any tips from your tribe - I'm all ears!

Lotsa love from our family to yours

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