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Because 39 Should be Scared of me

Because 39 Should be Scared of me

One year, shortly after new year, I did what most people do and made a few new year resolutions. On that particular year there were three very specific things I wanted to do

  1. Get my motorcycle license
  2. Go skydiving and
  3. Learn Italian in the name of Italian opera.

Later that year, while camping at Mokuleia one of my friends who was logging in jumps asked me if I wanted to go with. I was in the sky before breakfast.

Sometime after that near the end of the summer I had finished my bike safety class and passed the riding and writing tests.

I had also finally found an Italian tutor after putting out an ad in Honolulu Weekly. Opera season was nearing and after a few lessons my tutor asked "Why Catarina? Even Italian people don't understand Italian opera!"

It was a defining year. I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't hesitate to get it. It was also about 15 years ago. 15 years ago when I was a junior professional; an island newbie; independent and unpredictable; and completely uncommitted to any particular option. Every moment was 100% mine and I compromised very little...

I turned 39 the other day and have teetered between stalling from moment to moment to take stock and pushing even faster ahead in almost a gesture of spite to time. Admittedly I'm a little freaked out about the countdown to 40 but truthfully can't figure out why. So. I suppose the only thing to do is dramatically celebrate 39 like it's an extended New Year's Eve party packaged with a hubby and two kids. There should be ridiculous stories, some fuzzy memories, passing moments of reflection; a lot of laughter and an inability to hold back. I suppose some "New Years resolutions" are in order and since "getting my pre baby body back" sounds pretty lame and "taking better care of me" is a snoozer too, let's go with this:

  1. Start stand up paddle boarding
  2. Learn to play the guitar and
  3. Book a DJ for my 40th birthday.
  4. And one more: write write and write (which I'll be able to cross off pretty quickly here as we launch my new blog site in the next few days...stay tuned!! )

Someday I might want to slow down. Not today so in the meantime I'll assume that setting didn't come with my packaging. So much life to live, so many stories to write and so little reason to hold back.

Here we are 39. Be afraid. Lol


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