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Changes. The Pursuit.

Changes. The Pursuit.

So this whole year so far has been mostly consumed with change, some involuntary but mostly in pursuit of it. Might have something to do with 40 waiting for me later this year, maybe something to do with my first born starting elementary school, maybe something to do with having actual audible conversations with his baby brother, maybe something to do with having more time with hubs and waking up to how much we’ve been through together...

So admittedly I’ve been a little disoriented, trying to keep up and navigate through all the feelings. It'd been months of just rolling with it until I decided to turn change on its head which started with the living room. Everything there represented another time in our life when we were newlyweds living in a Waikiki apartment, traveling, barely home and furniture was something nice to look at. But we don't live in Waikiki anymore and no one appreciates home time more than us these days - everything had to go. Before long all that was left was an empty room and the old bay window waiting for company....

It’s taken six months to create a space that, in truth, was an expression of my feelings about accepting change and welcoming the future. This space, to me, had become our future as we slowly refilled the room. I could see my two babies growing into boys curled up on the couch to watch Saturday cartoons. I could see piles of papers and pencils during after school homework sessions. I could see our Friday Pau Hana playdates unwinding with great friends, deep in stories of the week's hilarities. Most of all I could see all the makings of quality time.

To date the whole exerise has been theraputic to say the least. What is change when everything is new anyways. And we make it new. And new is what never fails to excite us. Its that shock to the system that makes us feel alive and brings us closer to ourselves through honest sponteneity.

Meanwhile I decided to go plant-based which is a whole other story...

Meanwhile I decided that after 39 years I need to visit my birth country, the Philippines, for the first time which is another story...

Meanwhile after three years we are reoccupying a part of our home - another critical aspect of our future - which is also another story...but a story I'm excited to give you a preview of below.

So much to be excited about, so much change to embrace and so much of it to share.

Thanks so much for being here.


***Mahalo Nui aloha to Spencer and Tyler at Nak on Wood up in Haleiwa for making our beautiful custom order pieces. Can’t wait to get going on the next phase of projects!!

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