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February 14. Our February 14.

February 14. Our February 14.

For months we had talked about a baby.

One day that meant going to a nursery to get a baby plant and telling him how small and delicate it was. We talked about how much it needed us to take care of it. And when we got home he gazed at it intently as daddy placed that little pot in his hands. From the front door to the back of the house, his eyes never left that little plant.

As weeks passed he’d increasingly see me hold his bear and occasionally ask him if his little friend was ok. He’d observe mommy’s tenderness with the little things he cared about. Compassion by example; context replaced subject.

And then one morning we were four....

The heavy door swung open and I could hear his little steps before he rounded the corner. After a night without mommy he eagerly approached the bedside seemingly uncertain and yet at ease. The warmth of his eyes comforted me.

It was one of the purest moments of memory. One life welcoming another. Free of complication. No gifts in hand. No one owed anyone anything. By sheer virtue of breathing we all deserved to be there. Each one of us part of the other. That was three years ago and while so much has changed so much still remains the same.

This is Valentine’s Day for us.

And from our family to yours, may it be full of love.


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