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Transitioning to a Vegan Kitchen

Transitioning to a Vegan Kitchen

Over a year and a half now I posted a blog about organizing the fridge in a way to make sure you don’t lose track of fresh food or leftovers and at the same time be able to take a read on inventory to help with grocery shopping. While most of the principles remain the same some things have obviously changed now that we’ve shifted to a plant based diet.

Some of the obvious changes is the

While I am completely signed on to this lifestyle and have been since Mother’s Day weekend invariably it’s yet to truly take hold on the hubs and I have every intention, as the house cook, of getting them there. There are still milk and eggs in the fridge  and steaks in the fridge  and as soon as that supply is depleted none of it will be replaced. In the meantime as we clear that out I’m already making the shift to make those items appear less and less with every meal and instead subtly introduce replacements, like with beans and beautiful colorful platters of plant-based meals. They say we eat with our eyes first and These days i’m making it a point to give them an eyeful.

And an eyeful means volumes...

The shelf in the fridge that was previously dedicated to ready-to-cook marinated meats and eggs has now been replaced with bulk greens because from salads to smoothies we consume these in large quantities. I’ve also made it a point to dedicate a drawer to fresh herbs, granting them a rightful place in the fridge community.

We had an open-shelf kitchen hutch made for storing and displaying flower arrangements; propagating various foods like pineapples and avocados as well as a self serve snack shelf for the kids. And now it’s filled with fresh fruits AND vegetables. The kids are used to seeing, touching, smelling everything and naturally reach for the apples or pears so conveniently within reach. And they do have a broad selection to chose from. 

So the mere presence of fresh produce in clear sight is somewhat equivalent to placing a flag on a new planet. I’ve made a statement in our house about nourishment and am integrating these things as part of our home, part our lives. So far it hasn’t been much of a struggle, especially since we ate fairly healthy but this is now fully committed to the next level and I’m excited about where we’re heading.

Besides I’ve potty trained two toddlers...I’m pretty sure I can do anything lol (for real tho potty training struggles are real!!)

I’d love to hear any of your tips on making this shift or even encourage you to ask me any questions on all this.

One last thing: I’ve gotten a lot of DMs asking me “why the shift?” and it has to do with the genes I’ve been dealt, recently struggles with my own health and how I don’t want my kids in my shoes when they’re my age. There’s a little more to that but I’ll save that for another time.


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