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Turning 40 this year and being dramatic about it...

Turning 40 this year and being dramatic about it...

Somewhere between graduating from college, moving to Hawaii and months into work as a young professional I decided I was going to become a writer; specifically write children’s books, specifically from the back of a flower shop, specifically in the Italian countryside. Between writing and drawing sweet short stories and delivering heart-warming baskets of flowers, in this dream, life would be simple and full of meaning.

I even went ahead and hired a private tutor to practice my conversational Italian. And that same year I fell in love with opera thanks to the Hawaii Opera Theatre who happened to feature Italian composers that season. Later my tutor would tell me not even Italian people understood Italian opera. “Ah mi scusi professore!”

It’s 2018 now and I’ve never been to Italy nor written a book while surrounded by flowers, specifically. The closest I ever came to Italia was Lugano, Switzerland and while I never went into the flower business I managed to find my way to the lush banks of the Rio Negro in the Amazon. Sure ok I don’t write books for kids but these days I write about my own...

I’m turning 40 this year and I suppose you could say I’m taking stock. Slowing down for a moment to revisit some old dreams - to bathe in that scent of youthful immortality. I’m in a headspace of looking back yet moving forward. Perhaps to take a tally. Perhaps to settle the score. Perhaps to get my bearings. Perhaps to repurpose some of the most precious stones that led me here to form a path of my choosing. My choosing. That must be it.

I’m coming for you 40. My 20’s and 30’s may have warned you. Just stick with me I promise we’ll be best friends. So. After some radio silence the words are flowing again, or more so flooding.

Hope the year has gotten off to a great start for you all.


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