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I like to cook. They like to eat. I have no time. They have no patience.
Prepping now for later. Cooking fast eating sooner.


Broccoli Puree (Adult-friendly)

Broccoli Puree (Adult-friendly)

Fast easy and tasty.  An adult-friendly puree that the little ones will be ok sharing

In a medium stock pot
*remember that a minimal amount of chopping is needed since everything will eventually get pureed

Boil until the broccoli is tender enough to break up with a whisk.  Turn off heat.

Blend with a blender stick in the pot OR transfer to blender.  Season to taste.  Add more chicken stock to thin out  if desired.  The heat should be enough to melt the cheese and the blender stick should puree everything into a smooth and tasty soup.

Serve it with whole wheat sandwich bread toasted in the oven with a blend of  Dublin White Cheddar and chopped up cherry tomatoes.



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