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I like to cook. They like to eat. I have no time. They have no patience.
Prepping now for later. Cooking fast eating sooner.


Happy Easter Eggs

Happy Easter Eggs

Easter, with it's pastel colors, baskets, bunny ears and sweets is like the "Spring Halloween" but with kids having to work for thier treats and find them.  And after a recent trip to the kids dentist we are going to fill our eggs with stickers...and actually eat eggs.  YAY!

We buy eggs in bulk (5 dozen every 3 weeks) and while decorating eggs is a nice change these boys will want to eat them instead.  From as soon as they were able to eat them I've made eggs for breakfast almost everyday.  Whether simple fried eggs or kicthen sink suffed omlets they have started their days with a warm protein rich meal paired with fresh fruit and/or yogurt.  There's a lot of flexibilty with eggs and when you eat them as often as we do we look for every and anyway to prepare them:

So many way to cook them and a lots of different way to get the kids in here to help too.  My four year-old has started breaking eggs for me and sure there's an occasional shell in mix but at least he washed his hands (baby steps). These are some of his recent egg-sploits (eh heh):


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