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I like to cook. They like to eat. I have no time. They have no patience.
Prepping now for later. Cooking fast eating sooner.


Living Green

Living Green

St Patrick's Day with it's green beer, leprechauns and hangovers is a day I'm reminded that my kids are part Irish (via thier Midwest papa) which triggers the search for every and any piece of green clothing in their closet...and then I go into the kitchen and make green food.

Luckily, preparing green food has become more of a habit than an event.  When it comes to eating habits I take a "never known it any other way" approach...just like I was raised to eat with a plate and fork I'm raising them to eat with greens in their meals like they've "never known it any other way".

Some of that starts way before they belly up to the table.

We've recently assigned the boys produce duty at the grocery store and asked them to pick 3 types of veggies and 3 type of fruit. This not only gets them focused on something other than rearranging the shelves but also gets them making these choices which gives me an idea of what they like.

I also try to get them interested in preparing food whether it's mixing batter, coating veggies in breading or pouring ingredients which is also fun when they have their own spatulas and whisks. This is later followed by a "I made that" when everyone is gathered at the table.

 There are endless ways to get greens on their plates and these are my go tos:

The key is filling your fridge with greens much so that it compels you to use it all. I full fridge usually triggers my OCD where I get obsessed with utilizing every fresh ingredient before there are any signs of wilt = rot which would potentially result in having to throwing it out = waste which would trigger more OCD which would make me clean out the fridge = not my favorite.

This weekend my assistant kindly helped me make spinach and cheddar waffles; asparagus with a maple syrup-mustard sauce; a green smoothie and a simple pea and raisin orzo.  One day when they're old enough we'll have some green beers with our boys but until then we'll make sure there's no less green in their days.

Happy St Patrick's Day from us and our Holton boys!!

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