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Transformation Phase 1: Furniture Essentials

Transformation Phase 1: Furniture Essentials

A few weeks ago I blogged about all the changes taking place with us. Not only were my boys growing up but our home was going through a transformation. We had recently revisited a part of the house after not touching it for years and decided it was time to breathe new life into it and reinvent the space. With very little time and a lot of eagerness to get it all done, this is how things are shaping up...

Phase 1: Furniture Essentials
The space is empty and the walls are white which means we have a very blank canvas - the possibilities are endless. Where did we start? We focused on big focal pieces. Living Rooms need seating; kitchens need tables; bedrooms need beds. And even though I have a clear idea of the look I'm going for, no matter what my vision is, it comes down to what’s available out there in stores and if it's on island. And in narrowing things down it down I'd ask myself three basic things: 

  1. Does it fit the space? Too bulky / too small.
  2. Am I excited about it? Indifferent / in-love.
  3. Will it wear well? Family friendly or non-tolerant.

The other week I spent one entire morning at Homeworld in Kapolei and after a couple of laps around the store found everything we needed - it was all delivered today. Each piece is perfect for what I want to do to each room so I'm super stoked. This means the main pieces are in place and seeing how every piece sits in its space means I can design around them. My NEXT favorite part!

Phase 2: Statement Design
Stay tuned....


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