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Swaying palm trees, rainbow shave ice, bright blue skies, happy beach days, endless blue ocean, little sandy slippers. Inspired by Island Life. Inspired by Family.


Transformation Phase 2: Statement Design

Transformation Phase 2: Statement Design

It's been about six weeks since the furniture was delivered and it's all been covered, sitting there while we work around it all. Here's what we've been up to...

Phase 2: Statement Designs 
When you staycation as much as we do you get to see some of the best Hawaii interior designs, especially at all the top 4 star hotels. From the vibrant colors at Sheraton Waikiki, lush gardens at Royal Hawaiian and the relaxed northshore vibe up at Turtle Bay I've been taking notes. But more recently my design inspo has been The SurfJack and LayLow hotels which have this tropical mid-century feel. These two in particular don't hold back on details and their interiors are an indulgent eyeful. Most of all their spaces are creative and are unquestionably bold yet effortless. At either property you can simply stand in the middle of the lobby and get drawn in. And when comparing them across the board they are have these things in common;

  1. Bold prints/patterns - unapologetically committed to being eye candy: immediately set the mood and caibrate expectation
  2. Colors of nostalgia like a faded retro postcard: introduce intrigue by dispacing time - transporting you away to anytime/anywhere
  3. Natural elements that anchor the day dream to a softer version of the world: achieves the balance of an in-your-face design environment

And now that we're working on our own guest suite I wanted to make a go at this asthetic style and go bright, bold, mildly understanded but not hold back...exactly the type of company we like to keep.

So for our two bedroom guest suite it was an opportunity to put all that inspo to work. I looked at the furniture selections like...kinda like looking at a classic LBD and chosing a backdrop like the opera or a rooftop cocktail partty. Each space needed context which meant focusing on walls and giving them life. Click the video to see how these statement design walls came to be...

Phase 3: Decor and Details
Stay tuned....

Transformations Part 2 from Catherine Crawford on Vimeo.

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