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Swaying palm trees, rainbow shave ice, bright blue skies, happy beach days, endless blue ocean, little sandy slippers. Inspired by Island Life. Inspired by Family.


Transformation Phase 3: Decor and Details and Done!

Transformation Phase 3: Decor and Details and Done!

It’s done guys. It’s finally done. 8 weeks, some wall busting, design and details later the guest suite is done. While the entire process has been a blast the final phase, for me, was the hands down the funnest part.

Phase 3: Decor and Details 

Weeks after the custom feature walls went in and all the electrical and plumbing wrapped up I finally got to open all the Amazon boxes that had been building up along with the bags stacked from TJ Maxx and even Ross. All the weeks waiting for the heavy work to finish gave me time to assemble a collection of items and install essential details to complete the space.

From room to room I envisioned guests settle in, moving about the space and enjoying thier Hawaii visit. And while each room served a different purpose I had two simple design criteria in each space:

  1. Feel Like Hawaii. Every region has a design feel whether city or county and Hawaii living is easy, natural, bright and warm. So with the use of color stories / plants / patterns that were patches of sunsets / ocean / tropical forrests that became my pallet, i.e. yellows, oranges, blues, greens and pineapples and palms trees, of course
  2. Feel Like Home. There's no place like it, like your own but even unfamilar spaces can invoke feelings of being settled, comfortable and welcomed. A home is lived in, rather than empty and sterile. It's filled with subtle details that bridge a space to an actual person. More personality in a space gives it subtance which meant providing all the familiar comforts and conveniences of home.

So finally after 17 years of hosting family and friends, sharing everything I love about Oahu, I have a space just for them.
Watch the video to see how things turned out...

Thanks for following along all these weeks too!


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Transformations Part 3 from Catherine Crawford on Vimeo.

Furniture: Homeworld Hawaii (Russ in Kapolei is the best!)
Wood Wall Custom Build: Nak on Wood

Decor: 70% Amazon 20% TJ Maxx 10% Ross
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