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On the two days we aren't hustling out of the house, going in different directions we play hard.
Then fall asleep on the ride home.


Family Friendly Summer on Oahu

Family Friendly Summer on Oahu

So from June to August, like summer anywhere else, its gets hot, humid hot. I’m talking about A/C, fans on full blast, lots of sunblock and water bottles. Let’s just say for my kids its pajama optional season. As long as there are Tradewinds (winds from the cooler North/Northeast) the heat is comfortable but occasionally when the wind shifts to Kona winds (from the South) it gets sticky and hawt.

Summer solstice (longest day): June 21-ish with sunrise just before 6am and sunset just after 7pm

Temperatures: days nearing the 90’s and night as low as the mid 70s

Waves have switched poles and are appearing on the south shore while the north shore is relatively calm. This time of year makes for perfect early mornings in the water before things really heat up during the peak UV hours. Unlike the winters the water will be warm not long after breakfast. [On any given beach day its good to check the Box Jelly Fish Calendar and Hawaii Beach Safety Alerts for Oahu] Its a busy time on Oahu when both locals and visitors get outside and enjoy the summer break. Having enjoyed the beaches and hikes all year round there are somethings we look forward to that only happen in the summer and they are not to be missed.

April 15 thru September 2 EVERY Sunday Hawaii Polo Sundays in the Country
Amazing Way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Hawaii Polo Club

From June 6Honolulu Zoo Summer Concert Series - Wildest Show In Town  (EVERY Wednesday until August 15)
After spending a Wednesday afternoon visiting all the animals stick around after hours for an early evening summer concert. It’s a local family favorite with picnic blankets, plate lunches, beach chairs and Keiki dancing to local music on the zoo lawn. Pack a dinner picnic or purchase food on site. Tickets aren’t ‘speny so this is one of this events you could go to every week.
Open to guests at 435pm
Music from 6pm to 7pm
FREE for kids under 2
Honolulu Zoo Waikiki / Kapiolani Park Area

From June 7Foster Botanical Garden Twilight Summer Concert Series**FREE  (EVERY Thursday until July 26)
A great early evening event for the fam if you’re just getting off work in downtown and it happens to be Thursday. Enter the gates of the botanical gardens to stroll through the lawn and enjoy Keiki activities before the music starts. Pack dinner or purchase on site.
430pm to 7 pm
Music starts at 5:45
Foster Botanical Garden Downtown Honolulu

June 8Annual World Oceans Day

June 9 - King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade
View near Iolani Palace in downtown, near Ala Moana Shopping Center or along Kalakaua in Waikiki but this is an absolute must see.

From June 14 Waikiki Aquarium Summer Concert Series - Ke Kani O Ke Kai  (EVERY OTHER Thursday until August 9)
Spend a Thursday afternoon at the Aquarium and pack a picnic blanket for another summer concert on the lawn. With the sunsetting into the pacific ocean behind you and some of the islands best music in front of you its a real treat. Tickets are on the higher end so checkout the line up and see which performer(s) you’d really want to see. *Note food must be purchased on site. This event does not allow outside food or beverages.
10am – 5pm
FREE for kids under 5
Waikiki Aquarium Waikiki / Kapiolani Park

From June 30Waimea Valley Summer Concert Series  (EVERY LAST Saturday until August 25)
There are so many reasons to head up to the north shore and take in the beaches and hikes and Waimea Valley combines that with music. Already a beautiful way to spend the day set up against the lush tropical gardens and waterfalls the music echoes in valley - no better place to be. Tickets are on the higher end so checkout the line up and see which performer(s) you’d really want to see.
3pm – 630pm
FREE for kids under 4
Waimea Valley Northshore

July 4th Fireworks

August 16 - 26 Duke's Ocean Fest Premier Ocean Sports Festival in Waikiki -
Various events, free to watch, held at various location in Waikiki

August 17-19 Made in Hawaii Festival
This annual trade show event is not to be missed - all of Hawaii’s best arrive in one place for this weekend. From food and homeware to Keiki apparel and Nana’s Christmas gift this is the one Hawaii expo I spend the most time wandering through.
10am - 9pm
Sunday ends at 5pm
FREE for Keiki under 7
Neal Blasidell Exhibition Hall Ward Area not far from AMC (Ala Moana Center)

May 2550th State Fair (EVERY Weekend until July 1)
Our State fair with rides and entertainment at Aloha Stadium. Our little guys are still a little small for this June attraction but we’re looking forward to enjoying some weekends there in the years to come.
FREE for kids under 40”
Aloha Stadium Pearl Harbor Area

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