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On the two days we aren't hustling out of the house, going in different directions we play hard.
Then fall asleep on the ride home.


Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls on a Drier Day 🌱 Today a light steady stream of water but on other wetter days a dramatic booming waterfall. Whatever type of day it is you'll find this waterfall at the end of a mile long hike through lush green Manoa Valley. 🐞 This hike is ideal for the 3 year old who has something to prove. The one that wants to lead the pack, climb stone steps that come up taller than his knees and muddy boulders wider than him; the one who turns his grey shorts brown with mud and slows down only to wipe his nose on his shirt. 🍄 It's the hike for the mommy who will watch her little one bounce up the trail surrounded by deep green tropical foliage and marvel in the power of juvenile curiosity and how naturally it conquers unfamiliar spaces #fearless

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