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On the two days we aren't hustling out of the house, going in different directions we play hard.
Then fall asleep on the ride home.


Disney Aulani

Disney Aulani

Mickey and Minnie's Island Getaway

Highlights: everything.

When you should go: now.

On a weekend in late April two little boys spent more time in the pool than they did on land. Those wrinkly toes, the exhuated early bedtimes and the morning sprints down to the elevator and the toddler naps floating in a donut were worth every penny. The breakdown:

Keiki Cove Splash Zone (fun for our 1 yr old): Having learned how to walk several months ago now, naturally the next step is learning to walk in water that squirts unexpectedly out of the ground, at seemingly random points in a dizzying swirling pattern on the ground, then catch you up your shorts or drop onto your head

Menehune Bridge: (fun for our 3 yr old): His energy level = a mango shave ice; a pineapple soft serve, a cup of Kona coffee and two, maybe three, chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies.  It's that water feature you go to and say "let's check this out!" and leave out the part about needing him to go down for a nap, quick.  This sensory assult will get him there quick.

Waikolohe Stream (family stream trip): a 900 ft long lazy river that's no deeper than 4 feet.  There are 3 or 4 entry points and single and double donuts available or use. Our 1 yr old took his afternoon nap on me as we floated every so peacefully. I probably went around that thing about four times in one sitting because I was too lazy to get off [when in Rome].

Waikolohe Pool (anyone who is happy will be found here). Little ones wading in; canon balls dropping from all edges; two little boys on two lounge chairs fast asleep; Mickey and Minnie dancing poolside in an interactive midday show; both toothy and gummy smiles everywhere you turn; warm Hawaiian sun kissing little cheeks...complete chaos and bliss.

!Poolside lounge chairs are first come first serve and the ones with umbrellas get snagged the quickest.

!Make reservations for the restaurants as soon as you book - they get fully booked rahter quickly

!All guests need a wristband to use the pool.

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